Tuesday, April 14

Good morning parents,

We would like to thank you for the feedback given on the District Distance Learning Survey! We appreciate the positives, but we also recognize that many parents have questions that we would like to answer. Here are some FAQs and answers that can help everyone navigate through our distance learning experience. Please remember that we are in this together, and we are determined to succeed - one child at a time.

  1. Does my child have to log into the Google Classroom by 10 AM?

    1. 8 AM is a recommended start time for at home learning, as outlined in the District At Home Learning Plan. We fully understand that some children do not have internet access until later on. We are super flexible!

  2. Can students have printable worksheets to keep up with handwriting etc.?

    1. We are trying to stay away from anything that has to be printed as many families do not have access to printing.

  3. Can you clone mom?

    1. We would love to! We could use a few more dads as well as teachers, too :)

  4. School administration has not interacted with the students to determine if the workload is proper.

    1. We derive the recommended workload from the District At Home Learning Plan. Teachers plan the activities with grade level teams, to meet the needs of their students. School administration works with families in need, to get them connected to learning. We understand that distance learning is new and poses challenges to everyone involved.

  5. Can we work ahead on the weekends?

    1. There is no need to work ahead. If the student has completed all work, they deserve a break! If students start falling behind, teachers will work with families to find a way to catch up. 

  6. Can we have work on a weekly basis?

    1. Giving work in large chunks can get overwhelming. Teachers now provide Zoom meetings at which time they will share important updates for the week, and if there are very important assignments coming up. Teachers usually have the work ready in Google Classrooms for the week, but in Draft mode, to avoid being overwhelming to families.

  7. Can we have video conferencing?

    1. Yes! 97% of teachers offered some type of video conferencing starting the 2nd week of distance learning, and almost all teachers shared that this was their highlight of the week! We love seeing our Tigers!

  8. Can you decrease screen time/work load?

    1. We plan our work around the district recommended 3 hours for elementary school students. We understand that there may be circumstances where due to internet issues, it might take longer some days. Please share with your teacher when this happens regularly. We are very flexible! 

  9. Are daily check-ins required at NES?

    1. We do require that students log into their Google Classroom each day to access learning. Daily Check Ins help us to determine attendance, and it provides a very important platform for students to ask questions or share things with their teachers. Online learning can be very lonely. We want to make sure that students have an opportunity to communicate with their teachers.

  10. Alternate screen time with other fun activities.

    1. Specials classes are set up just for that! Our Team PE came together and put together a tutorial for how to stay active, without being on a computer. We hope to be able to incorporate more fun activities as everyone gets more comfortable with online learning.

  11. Students need incentives.

    1. Yes! We will brainstorm and come up with some rewards in addition to the Student of the Week and At Home Tiger paws. Great recommendation!

  12. Can we have a video chat with teachers to see how our child is doing?

    1. Yes! We are currently working on setting up some kind of virtual parent conferencing around the Progress Reports time. Please stay tuned!

  13. Limit “live” assignments.

    1. We tried one and failed. We apologize! The Mystery Doug webinar appeared very promising, and we tried to make it available as part of our Science lesson. We found out that it was blocked for many students. We are learning as we go!

  14. We have internet issues some parts of the day, and cannot turn in assignments by certain time of the day.

    1. No worries! We are grateful for whenever you can facilitate access to learning for your child. We are in this together!

  15. Programs have glitches that are difficult for some gifted students to handle (hard to keep attention).

    1. We apologize. The first week was super hectic with iReady issues, but it looks like this has been resolved. We are not pushing out the gifted program to anyone until the family and the gifted teachers determine that the child is ready for something else, in addition to their work that they do. We are taking small steps, and we do not want to overwhelm anyone.

  16. Can you change the online learning platform from Google Classroom?

    1. Not at this time, unfortunately. Elementary Schools did not have a common online learning platform prior to this epidemic, and we had to go with what is easiest to implement. Several classrooms already used Google Classroom, and all students already have the g-mail address which is the reason we leaned towards Google Classroom.

  17. Can we keep distance learning next year for sick days because it is awesome?

    1. Whoever you are - please call Dr. Robinson. We need you in our Parent Teacher Organization!

  18. We need parent tutorials for accessing programs .

    1. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or Dr. Robinson if you still need assistance with a particular program. We tried very hard communicating with families during the distance learning pre-plan to set everyone up and walk through the programs. We understand that there is a lot to learn! We are here to help!

  19. Students need Social Studies and Science

    1. We added these during the 2nd week of distance learning but we are taking small steps! Many families are struggling to find time for the basics. We do not want to leave anyone behind!

  20. How do parents know what the child did each day?

    1. On a daily basis, you can see your child’s progress in Google Classroom (under Grades). Additionally, teachers are now entering students’ grades into Skyward. Teachers communicate with families if students have missing assignments.

  21. I would like for students to go back to school after this 30 days is over.

    1. We too! We would love to have them back today!!! We miss them all very much.

And for the countless highlights and teacher shout outs - we thank you, parents, for being there for us when we need you, too!

Please do not hesitate to call us should you have any questions!


Dr. Tuuli Robinson

Principal of North Elementary School